Giovanni Pietropoli's agricultural business has been producing high quality fruit since 1970.
Not far from Lake Garda, in Malavicina Roverbella, apricots, peaches, nectarines and kiwis ripen under the Italian sun on an expanse of 30 hectars.
In 1999, the business converted to organic farming, respecting all regulations as to traceability and environmental protection. Nature itself and Giovanni Pietropoli's years of experience ensure that quality and nutrients are maintained throughout production (from harvesting to packaging).

Since 2007, Giovanni Pietropoli has been practising biodynamic agriculture, using the dilution 500,501 and a paste for the tree trunks, both of which are produced on site.
The brand name Pietropoli not only offers healthy and environmentaly sound produce, but most importantly, represents agriculture „made in Italy“. It is an agricultural business which merges traditional field work and modern productive technology in order to ensure unique flavour and unrivaled quality.

The fruit is sold on the Italian and central northern European wholesale markets. Since 2007, part of the harvest is made into jams, fruit juices, and preserved peaches as well as Mostarda.