Processed Goods

Not only has the agricultural business Giovanni Pietropoli been producing organic and biodynamic peaches, nectarines, apricots and kiwis since 2007, but highest quality processed fruit: preserves, fruit nectar, bottled peaches and „mostarda“.

The brand name Pietropoli stands for purity, flavour, freshness and satisfaction. From the tree to the glass. Every phase of production ensures dedication to healthy nutrition: from cultivation to processing, offering the client only the best of the fruit, without any additives. The company’s recipies are made up exclusively of fresh fruit, water and sugar. Fruit processing takes place in specialized certified laboratories where experienced personell and the most modern machines are implimented to make fruit products without preservatives, thickening agents or pectin, but only by adding organic cane sugar. Through sterilization the products can be stored for three years.

The nutritional values declared on the labels are obtained by specialized and certified companies which determine the qualities of every product in respect of traceability and transparency.


They are made of apricots, kiwis and peaches. For every 100gr. of finished product, 210gr. of fresh fruit are processed. Therefore, 2 kg. of fruit are needed to produce 3 glasses of preserved fruit at 330gr. each.

Fruit Nectar

The range of fruit nectars include peach, apricot and kiwi, containing 80% fruit. Each 200ml bottle contains 160gr. fruit pulp and juice which is the equivalent of 2 items of fruit.

Bottled Peaches

These are made exclusively of fresh fruit and syrup made from organic cane sugar and water. In order to guarantee preservation, the product is sterilized.


Our kiwi mostarda contains fruit morsels and juice to which natural mustard oil is added.